Voice Case of the Week: Do Nodules Need Surgery?

Osborne Head and Neck Institute Case Presentation:

The patient is a 26 year old professional singer who noted an increase in vocal rasp and a decrease in vocal range over a 6-month period. She was performing more than usual during this 6-month period and noted that her symptoms were worse due to the increased voice use. She saw another laryngologist and was told that she had vocal fold nodules. She was referred for voice therapy, but did not have any notable improvement. The patient followed up and was told that she would need surgery because voice therapy failed to resolve her symptoms. She presented to the Osborne Head and Neck Institute, for a second opinion prior to proceeding with surgery.

At the time of presentation, the patient had an 11-note range. She was unable to produce sound above or below this range without becoming louder or forceful.

Click here for Los Angeles, laryngologist, Dr. Reena Gupta, MD’s diagnosis.

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