voice doctor

voice doctor


For the first time, view videos of the normal and abnormal voice in action.


A vocal cyst is a fluid collection that forms inside the vocal cord. Vocal cysts form when the vocal cord is injured from voice overuse or misuse.


A large camera is delicately placed in the mouth giving a bright, high-resolution image of the throat in action. It uses strobe light to slow down the vibrations of the vocal folds so that even small problems can be detected.

Hemorrhagic Polyp

Usually unilateral (one vocal cord) mass that grows off the surface of the vocal cord. Can be hemorrhagic (filled with blood) or not. Usually due to voice misuse or overuse.


Bilateral (both vocal cords) callouses that form on the vocal folds due to voice misuse or overuse. Usually these are reversible with corrections in vocal technique.


Usually unilateral (one vocal cord) mass that grows within a vocal cord. Fluid-filled, usually due to voice misuse or overuse.

Vocal Paralysis

Vocal paralysis is the total absence of movement of a vocal cord due to nerve damage.

Vocal Hemorrhage

A collection of blood that occurs within the vocal fold. This is an acute problem after stressful voice use and usually results in severe hoarseness.


A large inflammatory mass that grows in the larynx, usually in the back. This most often is due to voice trauma and uncontrolled acid reflux.