Top Tips for a Healthy & Powerful Voice

Tip # 1: The Importance of Preventative Voice Care

Osborne Head and Neck Institute (OHNI) recently sponsored one of the largest international conferences for voiceover artists, VOICE 2010. This meeting has traditionally been a place for voiceover artists to meet each other and get tips and tricks to advance their careers.

A patient was expressing his frustrations about the lack of good vocal care available to voiceover artists. Further investigation confirmed that no physician had ever lectured or presented at this meeting. How can a whole community that relies on their voice for their livelihood not know about preventative care?

OHNI saw a clear link between the voiceover community and OHNI’s Voice Division, which promotes the care of the professional voice, and became premier sponsors.

At the event, OHNI did free vocal screening exams. The booth was inundated by artists who had never had their voice evaluated. OHNI was pleased to be able to help these artists, but found it troubling that people who rely on their voices for their livelihood don’t take better care of their voices.

What is preventative voice care?
• Establishing a relationship with a professional voice doctor before you have problems
• Maintaining that relationship with regular check-ups to ensure your voice is healthy
• Setting up a program for healthy voice maintenance
• Checking in before major performances to ensure you’re clear to perform


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