Voice Case of the Week: Side Effects of Medications

Osborne Head and Neck Institute Case Presentation:


The patient is an 82 year old male who presented with complaints of loss of voice. He had noted initial symptoms 7 months ago and had noted a gradual decline since that time. He had a self-reported normal voice prior to this. He went to an ENT who noted that he was simply elderly and that this was the cause of his voice symptoms. Unsatisfied with this, he sought a second opinion. The second ENT noted that he had some inflammation after performing flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy. This doctor suggested a steroid injection into the vocal fold. The patient agreed and had this done as an office-based procedure. He noted significant discomfort from the procedure and no improvement. He presented here for a third opinion.

Click here for Los Angeles, laryngologist, Dr. Reena Gupta, MD’s diagnosis.

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