Voice Case of the Week: Larynx Injury from Inhalation

Osborne Head and Neck Institute Case Presentation:


The patient is 32 year old female who has noted gradual worsening of her voice over the past year and a half. She is not a voice student and is unsure if technique is contributing to her problem. She has noted a significant increase in sinus symptoms, including postnasal drip, and has had frequent illnesses requiring antibiotic treatment. When she does not take her antibiotics after symptom onset, she feels sicker and the illness eventually progresses to her chest. The patient has not noted any changes to her lifestyle or diet but did move to a new home in a different city one year ago. She had sinus surgery in the past year to address these infections and has also experienced allergy and asthma flare-ups.

Click here for Los Angeles, laryngologist, Dr. Reena Gupta, MD’s diagnosis.

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