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voice doctor

The LA Voice Club began in 2009 as an educational resource for the professional voice user. Dr. Reena Gupta, the founder of LA Voice Club, noticed that the communication between vocalists and the professionals who cared for them was lacking. This inhibited care, prevented progress, and led to frustration for the artist, vocal coach, and physician. The community’s understanding of vocal health, injury, rehabilitation and training was also limited and often outdated. The LA Voice Club started a dialogue within the entire voice community. The group is collaborative and inclusive of anyone and everyone with passion for the voice. We welcome questions, discourse, and conflicting opinions while being innovative and evidence-based. With a global reach, the LA Voice Club has answered the need for a truly global community of those who are passionate about voice, vocal health and best vocal function. Membership is free and comes with benefits to anyone with an interest in the voice. Please see below and sign up if you are interested in participating in our organization.



  • A complimentary copy of The OHNI Voice Book, with updates.
  • Vocal Notes – a monthly e-blast of Dr. Gupta’s curated vocal health tips, case studies, and research
  • Early access to Dr. Gupta’s events
  • Discounted admission to events including the annual Vocal Masterclass with SAG-AFTRA
  • Vo-Calendar– a calendar of voice events and opportunities
  • Access to our global community of voice professionals
  • Voice Talk – Dr. Gupta’s online hosted Q&A sessions with members and experts in voice

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  The OHNI Voice Book is a multimedia guide to the voice and vocal health, with embedded videos and pictures that make difficult concepts easy to grasp. Written by laryngologist and voice surgeon, Dr. Reena Gupta, The OHNI Voice Book empowers the reader with the knowledge they need to protect and preserve their vocal health. Voice and vocal care are explained in simple, understandable language, while diving into the complexities of the human voice. How does the voice work? How can injury be detected and prevented? What are the best practices for treatment? This book answers these questions and more, making it an invaluable tool for the professional voice user. You can receive your free copy by clicking the link below.

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