Vocal Nodules: Treatment

Surgery should be reserved as a measure of last resort for the treatment of vocal nodules. Vocal surgery can result in scarring and a subsequent decrease in vocal quality. This invasive approach to nodule treatment approach should be considered once all other options have been exhausted. In addition, the determination of whether vocal surgery is …

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The Benefits of Voice Therapy

Proper technique is a crucial component of maintaining and preserving a healthy voice. Often times voice users will seek evaluation for vocal complaints that result in healthy appearing vocal cords on imaging and no clear diagnosis. Issues with proper technique, both spoken and sung, are usually the cause of these complaints. Vocal therapy is a …

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The Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

There is growing concern about the popularization of synthetic marijuana in the US. Also known as fake pot, spice, or herbal incense, this new designer drug carries various health risks including serious injury and death. Due to lack of regulation and proper dosing safeguards, fake pot has been responsible for several serious overdose reactions and …

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A Real Explanation for Vocal Fatigue

Vocal fatigue is an often-misdiagnosed condition that is commonly seen in the professional voice user. Because, vocal fatigue can often present with little to no visible vocal pathology, traditional providers have typically provided incorrect diagnoses and temporary stopgap measures. If left untreated vocal fatigue can ultimately lead to classical voice disorders as well as vocal …

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Voice Case of the Week: Lasers in Laryngology (AKA Why we should trust our singing patients)

Osborne Head and Neck Institute Case Presentation: The patient is a 27-year-old female enrolled in a graduate level vocal performance program. She has had vocal difficulties for many years, including vocal inconsistency, intermittently decreased vocal range, and increased effort of phonation. She has sought evaluation numerous times. Each evaluation has noted the presence of varices …

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